About Us
Is yours due?

The first thing our customers here on Long Island may notice upon visiting us is that there are no gas pumps out front.  That's because, years ago, I committed to only the service and repairs of our customer's cars.  We leave the gas pumping to the other guys; we just stick to what we do best.

Our long-term customers, whether they be in Greenlawn, Centerport, Huntington, South Huntington or East Northport, are just fine with this.  They recognize that we know how important one's car is to daily life.  That’s why we offer free drop-off service whenever you have to leave your car with us.  And, should you ever need a tow truck, just call us from anywhere and we'll get one out to you right away.

Oh, and by the way: we always stand-by our work.  Completely and fully guaranteed, without questions, without hassles.